Congenital deformation of the nose, breathing problem, curved nose, deformations after trauma or accidents can have a negative effect on the beauty and the health of your face. Serious sleep problems and health problems arise due to inability to breathe. A deformed anatomy of the nose which affects the facial expression badly can be accompanied by lack of self-confidence problem.

For Aesthetic Nose Correction Surgery natural appearance is the most important issue. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to create a computer aided design of that particular person. Through Rhinoplasty, which means aesthetic nose correction, your nose can be downsized or enlarged, the tip of the nose be changed, the nasal hump be improved, the width of the nostrils may be narrowed or the angle between the nose and the upper lip may be corrected according to your face type. In addition to this congenital imperfections or defects due to accidents may be corrected and at the same time interventions in order to correct breathing difficulties through nose may also be performed.
Aesthetic Nose Correction can be performed after reaching adulthood when the nose has taken its final shape. From 18 years on people with nose deformity can undergo surgery.
Aesthetic Nose Correction surgery must be performed under general anaesthesia All surgeries that require general anaesthesia must be performed in an operating room environment of a fully equipped general hospital. The duration of the surgery depending on the type of the problem changes between one and four hours.

Process After Surgical Intervention
After the operation the nose is placed into a plaster mould in order to stabilize the new shape.  After the invention, there will be not too much swelling and cyanosis particularly at the sides of your nose, but in the first 24 hours you can expect swollen eyelids. Usually the swelling occurred may slightly increase for one or two days, then shrinks rapidly and disappears within one week. When cyanosis occurs, it totally disappears within one week.
Slight pain that may occur can be controlled with a simple painkiller recommended by your doctor. Applying cold compress on the first day will reduce swellings and make you feel better.

Most of the patients who have undergone Nose Surgery can recover the next day. Your doctor will inform how you can return to your daily routine. It is advised that you avoid challenging activities for six weeks.

You should protect your nose and avoid exposure to the sun for six weeks. You should also be careful while you wash your hair and your face and applying make-up and protect your nose. You shouldn’t use your glasses approximately three months up to the full recovery of your nose. The final results of the nose surgery become visible in approximately one year.