Facial Aesthetics

As people grow older fatty tissue weakens, decreases and becomes thin. When the fatty tissue below the skin weakens, the skin loses its elasticity and gets loose. Wrinkles on the face, forehead and around the eyes become visible, eyebrows, check, chin and neck become loose, fatty under-eye bags form and as a result it looks older, tired and sunken.
The face lifting operation can be performed separately, or it can also be performed together with eye lid, chin correction, double chin lipo-shaping, fat injection or nose operations.
During face lifting operation, when performed under general anaesthesia, the patient has to stay one or two days at the hospital. Face lifting operation lasts a couple of hours. For comprehensive procedures some doctors prefer two work in two separate sessions.

The lacerations are usually at the sides of the head, at the temporal area, starting over the hairline and follows the natural line in front of the ear. The patients usually can return to their daily lives between one week and ten days after the operation.
Lips are the most important supplementary element in the facial beauty. Lips have to be in harmony, proportional and look natural all together with the cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, chin and teeth.

While full and fleshy lips are the expression of youth, thin and loose lips are the expression of old age.
When wrinkles of your lips get reduced, disappear and your lips look fuller, it gives a fresh and energetic appearance to you face.